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Manage Multiple Listings On eBay Motors

Dealers have numerous time constraints and many times managing dealership operations and administration can be more difficult then meeting monthly sales goals. Any tool that can help to streamline day-to-day tasks is a welcome sign.
Many dealers have discovered the value proposition eBay Motors can offer their dealership. They have found eBay Motors can act as a complementary sales channel to move inventory, whether it be off-brand, an older vehicle or a vehicle that fits better in another region of the country.
Solution providers have helped to alleviate the online sales process, providing a simpler way to load and manage eBay Motors listings. These tools not only simplify the process and remove steps that can save the dealer time, but make the dealer a more educated seller on the site, allowing them to maximize profits on the vehicles they sell.
CARad, a solution provider owned by eBay, provides sellers a simple way to list and manage their eBay Motors sales, saving time and allowing the dealer to create an appealing listing that will drive bidders and increase the sales price. By utilizing CARad’s state-of-the-art software, even novice sellers can easily create detailed vehicle listings and post them to eBay Motors in just minutes. CARad automatically generates an organized listing specific to the vehicle – this makes listing creation easier to use than the standard form on eBay. By saving time when listing the item, dealers are free to focus on other aspects of the sale as well as other responsibilities within the dealership.



eBay listing layouts are simplified through CARad by utilizing templates that are easy to change. Additionally, CARad can create customized templates for a dealer with their existing logo on every listing. For dealers without a logo, CARad can help to create a logo and integrate the new identity into a dealer’s custom template. Multiple layout options are also available, so a dealer can select a unique layout that will work with their brand, maintaining continuity throughout their listings and building a brand on eBay Motors which customers will come to recognize.


CARad’s Description Builder allows the seller to insert customizable text templates into the vehicle description. Experienced dealers on eBay Motors know the importance of a thorough and honest description. In addition to assisting with the layout and appearance of the auction listing, CARad also helps dealers eliminate steps when building their descriptions, accelerating the time it takes to create a listing and getting the vehicle in front of the 10 million unique monthly visitors to eBay Motors.


To help potential buyers find a listing, CARad has a list of the most searched keywords on eBay. Keywords in the title can make the difference between your auction being viewed by buyers searching for that type of vehicle and the auction being misidentified by potential bidders. By using keywords that are commonly entered into eBay’s search tool, dealers can ensure their vehicle will be viewed by many eBay users. Dealers can add some of the commonly searched terms easily through CARad by clicking on the keywords that best describe their vehicle. Once the terms are selected, the title is automatically created.

Condition Reports

Condition reports on the vehicle being sold help to build buyer confidence and drive a higher sale price. CARad helps dealers to build these reports through their Condition Report Builder that allows sellers to build a full report quickly by checking off a rating on the condition of the vehicle.


The key companion to a detailed and accurate description is a gallery of photos that compliment the description, giving the buyer a visual of the vehicle and building their confidence that it is represented as described. CARad’s photo display options help dealers to feature their photos, so they draw bidders and flow with the rest of the listing. Dealers can upload up to 35 photos directly from their computer with one click of the button and then easily arrange them on the listing using only their mouse.

A newer feature that allows for even more possibilities with photographs is Image Zoom technology. Image Zoom allows buyers to zoom in on photos, move the viewing point, and examine photos in greater detail. CARad has templates that easily integrate Image Zoom photographs.

In order to help sellers learn from previous listings, CARad provides examples of photographs and descriptions from successful eBay Motors sales. These examples provide dealers with the ability to refine descriptions and photography in order to build the best possible listings.

As a dealer builds a reputation and brand on eBay Motors, they will want to have one place a prospective bidder can see all of their vehicles at once. The “My eBay Motors Garage,” showcases all of a dealer’s vehicles and allows buyers to feel like they are walking through a vehicle lot.
Sales Management
While the listing brings bidders to the vehicle, the process does not end there for sellers on eBay Motors. Just as important is the management of the listings so that prospective buyers can ask questions about the vehicle or the terms of the sale. The communication with a bidder on eBay Motors is like any sale on the regular dealership lot in that the communication can make or break a sale. CARad has many features to help dealers effectively communicate in a timely manner with prospective buyers so they will have confidence in placing their bid.
CARad’s e-mail management system assists the dealer by storing responses to common questions and grouping e-mail data for quick reference. This helps the dealer to minimize time answering simple questions, allowing them to focus on higher-level, detailed questions about the vehicle. In addition, when similar information is requested, a dealer has record of information so they don’t have to replicate responses previously created.
The e-mail management system constantly contacts high bidders, keeping them interested and engaged throughout the duration of the listing. In addition, e-mail tracking links bidder and buyer discussion activity to the specific vehicle listed so a dealer can manage listing activity from initial creation to a completed transaction.
CARad’s tracking goes beyond just the e-mails that are exchanged, as many details are chronicled so the dealer has a detailed history of their eBay Motors sales. These records will help a dealer determine their future online selling strategy by tracking trends in areas such as pricing.
With all their services, CARad offers dedicated support to licensed dealers and has live help available on the site.
Vol 2, Issue 6


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