SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — AutoPoint has launched its new OwnerCare tool that allows dealer service customers to see a digital report on their vehicle and approve any additional maintenance from their computer or mobile device.

OwnerCare sends customers with cars undergoing maintenance a detailed report with precise service estimates and reasons why the work should be completed. The customer can click through the link to give approval for any needed work.

The tool is designed to streamline the service recommendation information and approval process for dealers and customers by eliminating phone tag, which can result in increased customer upsells and decreased declined recommendations, officials said.

The OwnerCare process begins with a multi-point inspection from a dealer’s technician. The technician digitally completes an inspection form including each point that has passed, points that are cautioned and points that have failed. From this information, an estimate is generated on the state of the vehicle — including the cost of all services and explanations for the recommended repairs.

Once the estimate is reviewed, a service advisor texts or emails a URL to the customer with the full report that they can view on any computer or mobile device. The link provides a color corrected stock image of their exact vehicle, highlighting the repairs on different images of the vehicle on subsequent pages.

From there, the customer can review the report and click to approve the estimate. The report also provides customers with photos, videos and informative articles to educate them about the needed repairs.

OwnerCare will be unveiled at the NADA Convention and Exposition in San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 23-25 at booth #2615S. For more information, click here.