AUSTIN, Texas — SMART Payment Plan has announced the appointment of Jackson Bigham as its chief compliance officer. Jackson will be responsible for managing SMART’s state and federal regulatory compliance, regulatory reporting and all legal and compliance activities.

“Jackson’s role at SMART will fully utilize his deep understanding and experience in complex compliance and consumer protection matters,” said David Engelman, CEO. “In today's regulatory environment, it's important to have a knowledgeable and independent Chief Compliance Officer to oversee all consumer matters and to interact with state and federal regulators.

"…It is not enough to provide exceptional customer service and have high ethics and values in serving our customers,” he added. “We must also demonstrate and prove the same level of commitment to satisfying regulators at the state and federal level who often focus on other details. In light of the financial sector’s increasingly demanding compliance and regulatory nature, SMART Payment Plan considers the appointment of Jackson Bigham timely and value-added.”

Bigham has ten years of experience working with the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorney Generals in prosecuting consumer protection claims. He was previously a consumer law and anti-trust attorney at Morrison Sund.


Originally posted on F&I and Showroom