SEATTLE — SureCritic's website has hit the 1 million customer reviews mark, a milestone it achieved in just four years.

SureCritic collects information from the businesses’ point-of-sale system and emails customers requesting a review within 24 hours of their visit. Once a customer has completed the review, it is verified through SureCritic and shared on a SureCritic website unique to that business.

SureCritic verifies customer status for each review and publishes it, regardless of score, on a review page that is unique to the business and free of competitive advertisement. By verifying customers, the company says its reviews can’t be gamed or prequalified and, as a result, represent a more accurate depiction of a business.

“We’re very excited at the success we’ve seen so far,” said David Brondstetter, CEO of SureCritic. “Our success proves that consumers value our completely transparent process, while dealerships and repair shops appreciate having actionable data that can improve their social standing.”

The platform does not prequalify customers before asking for a review. If a review is negative, SureCritic’s Low Score Diagnostics feature enables customers to provide more detailed information, which is then conveyed to the dealership or repair shop using quantitative data so issues can be resolved quickly.

Through a process called ReScore, concerned customers can increase star ratings once the issue has been resolved. Although the original low score never goes away, the new Rescore is appended to the original review so consumers can see how well the business resolves concerns when they arise.

In addition to these features, SureCritic also makes it possible for consumers to push their reviews out to friends and families through a process called SocialEngage.

For more information on SureCritic, SocialCS and the Customer Experience Management solution, click here.