MISSION, Kan.— VinSolutions has announced the availability of Target, a new tool in the VinConnect CRM solution.

Target enables dealers to mine their customer databases to find more existing sales opportunities and convert those opportunities into sales through targeted, data-driven marketing and sales communications.

Customer data is one of the most valuable commodities for dealers, yet it can be difficult to turn that data into actionable opportunities, officials said. With Target, dealerships can easily address this problem, as it enables them to query their customer and prospect databases to find qualified sales opportunities based on ownership position factors such as equity, APR, lease terms, payment and remaining terms, and more.

Using the Target intuitive search tool, dealers can quickly define and display the customer segments they want to contact. They can then use this data to act immediately by sending targeted, customized communications to customers with a high likelihood to purchase.

“Dealers are missing the opportunity to use the dynamic data that currently lives in their CRM and website systems to more effectively market and sell to shoppers and customers,” said James Maynard, vice president of product development for VinSolutions. “This tool provides an easy way for dealers to search and segment their customer data, along with integrated task management and marketing tools, giving them complete control over customer engagement.”

Sean Stapleton, vice president of sales and marketing for VinSolutions, added, “VinConnect CRM fully integrates with a dealer’s VinConnect website and marketing modules, which means our system captures and knows more about each customer. Using this deep customer insight, dealers can become successful in both finding ready opportunities and creating impactful, targeted marketing campaigns.

“Now, dealers are able to communicate with the right customer at the right time with the right message via the right channel — the critical key to building lasting customer relationships.”