SAN FRANCISCO — Recall Masters Inc., a provider of automotive recall news, data, training and communications, launched a new website for the automotive industry. The company recently expanded its solution to multiple automotive businesses, including automakers, factory authorized dealers, pre-owned car dealers, fleet operators, rental car agencies, auto auctions, marketing agencies and other potential vendor partners.

The new website has been redesigned and expanded for more efficient navigation and to better explain all of the company’s solutions and product offerings. The site has also been built to fill a void as far as information and resources concerning automotive recalls.

Automotive businesses can visit the site to view recall owner information for most every major auto make, get updated on all the latest news, and even request a free open recall report, tailored for their market area. Other educational resources include a recall communication sample, recall estimate by distance, recall summary report, and Recall Masters Academy best practices curriculum. Site visitors can also request a free trial of the software services, including API access and Inventory VIN Check.

“We have redesigned the site to be a true resource for automotive recall information for automotive businesses and consumers alike,” said Chris Miller, president of Recall Masters. “Our company is dedicated to helping automakers and their dealers expedite the repair of recalled vehicles and make the roadways safer for everyone. Greater recall awareness and proactive management helps automakers protect their brand and build trusting relationships between automotive dealers, rental car agencies, auto auctions and consumers alike.”

Future enhancements to the site will include self-service recall program enrollment and the Recall Masters Academy Online, an online recall program for dealers and BDCs. It will provide best practices, productivity tools and process help.

For a free list count of open recalls in your area, click here.