AUSTIN, Texas — F&I product provider RoadVantage has partnered with The Academy on a new dealer training program designed with today’s internet-educated shoppers in mind.

The RoadVantage Dealer Training Program includes workshops for personnel at all levels within F&I and sales operations. The comprehensive training covers a wide range of topics and can take place onsite at the dealership, or at The Academy’s state-of-the-art training facility in Austin, Texas. Self-paced online training modules are also offered.

“Today’s dealership customers are a new breed of savvy. Their shopping habits have evolved radically in the last decade,” said Garret Lacour, founder and CEO of RoadVantage. “Dealership practices must evolve accordingly.”

The Academy is led by F&I trainer Tony Dupaquier, who serves as diretor of the training center.

“The Academy's uniquely developed process recognizes that a shift in mentality and focus is necessary in the face of today's more informed customers,” said Dupaquier. “Post-training surveys indicate that students who attend The Academy experience higher closing ratios, profit margins and CSI scores.”

Lacour added: “Everyone knows consumers are researching and shopping online, so it’s time we equip dealers with the tools they need to effectively reach them. This is a big initiative of ours. Last fall we created free online videos, available to all dealers nationwide, to drive consumer awareness of F&I programs before they go into the dealership to purchase their vehicle. Alongside our free online dealer videos, our new dealer training program is another example of how we are working to help dealers provide a better customer experience.”

To access the free videos, click here. For more info on the company's new training program, click here.


Originally posted on F&I and Showroom