WESTERVILLE, Ohio — F&I technology provider OTE (Over the Edge) today released a turnkey, ecommerce solution designed to allow dealers to sell F&I products and other services directly to their customers online.

The application, according to the firm, represents a big step forward for the auto industry and for consumers who prefer to research and purchase service contract and ancillary products and services online.

“Previously, the only way for auto dealers to enter the online F&I product sales market was with expensive custom software. Our packaged, turn-key solution is a simple, cost-effective way for auto dealers to quickly enter the market with no out-of-pocket cost,” said OTE CEO Joseph Pesce. “Our flexible solution enables dealers to tailor their aftermarket product and service offerings to meet the needs of their customers, and start selling online within a few days.”

The new solution allows dealers to present options for service contracts, tire-and-wheel, GAP protection, and many others during or after the time of purchase. Consumers simply visit the dealer’s website and enter their vehicle identification number (VIN) to access competitive rates from multiple F&I product vendors.

The software also enables dealers to provide their customers with enhanced product information, which, according to the company, will lead to higher product penetration, better customer satisfaction, and repeat sales and referrals.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom