Podcast episodes run about 30 minutes each.  -  IMAGE: Pixabay

Podcast episodes run about 30 minutes each.

IMAGE: Pixabay


The National Automobile Dealers Association introduced new podcast "Driving Ahead" to help industry professionals understand trends, policies and new ideas. NADA said the show will delve issues on the future of the automotive industry.

In the roughly 30-minute episodes, NADA said it engages in thought-provoking conversations with leaders in business, technology and entertainment as deep dives into key trends shaping the future of the automotive world.

"So where does Driving Ahead live in the world of podcasts? Well, take a sharp right turn down Wall Street, cruise through Detroit, hang a left past Silicon Valley and Hollywood, then floor it as we discover together what's beyond the horizon line," NADA said in a press release announcing the podcast.

NADA’s Jonathan Collegio interviews guests including Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, journalists, business titans, award-winning analysts, social influencers, marketing geniuses, automotive industry icons and more. The first three episodes are available to listen to now.

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