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Randy Cauthen

Tactical Reinsurance Consultants was recently established to execute strategies for dealers, reinsurance companies, third-party administrators and insurers. The company develops and implements processes to produce accelerated and increased earnings.

Randy Cauthen founded the company. He has 35 years of experience in finance-and-insurance development, retail development, and franchise dealership management.

Cauthen has experience in the following:

  • Non-Controlled Foreign Corporation - Board Member and Professional Advisor
  • Controlled Foreign Corporation - Professional Advisor
  • Dealer Owned Warranty Corporation - Professional Advisor
  • Retro (Dealer Participation Programs) - Professional Advisor
  • National Third-Party Administrators - Vice President\
  • Dealer Owned Development Company and Administrator - Executive Vice President
  • National Agency - Division Vice President

Tactical Reinsurance consultants are independent of administrators, agents and insurance underwriters. Its stated mission is to maximize profits by analyzing businesses and formulating a plan to execute.

Twenty groups-composite groups are welcome to have Tactical Reinsurance Consultants schedule workshops for them.

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