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Funding Fundamentals

Unfunded deals make life difficult for you, your finance companies and your customers. Our special finance expert lays out a foolproof process for quicker funding.


Perception Is Reality

Taking a customer-first approach to the buy-here, pay-here business can minimize your repossessions and encourage repeat and referral business.


They Don't Care!

The magazine’s legal eagle doesn’t know where the CFPB is going with its recent actions regarding dealer participation, but there’s one thing he knows for sure.


2013 Dealers' Choice Awards

The magazine’s ninth annual Dealers’ Choice Awards featured a tough competition between old favorites and new winners — as well as several brand new categories.


Social Media for Skeptics

Still skeptical about investing in social media? Get started by encouraging positive reviews and more search engine returns.


Managing By The Numbers

A dealership’s financial statement can reveal exactly how it’s perceived in the community. The magazine’s accounting expert identifies the metrics that tell all.

Dealer Job Finder

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