BMW’s #Coachella is one of four automotive campaigns to make Talkwalker’s list of 20 highest-impact social media initiatives of the year so far. - Photo courtesy BMW Group

BMW’s #Coachella is one of four automotive campaigns to make Talkwalker’s list of 20 highest-impact social media initiatives of the year so far.

Photo courtesy BMW Group

NEW YORK — Social media analytics provider Talkwalker released a list of 20 “buzzworthy” digital marketing campaigns for the year so far. Four automakers made the list, which was based on an analysis of Talkwalker’s proprietary social media analytics platform:

#RoadtoCoachella by BMW (1,600 mentions, 30,900 engaged): BMW took to the desert with an experiential marketing campaign to engage Millennials and Gen Z at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The #RoadtoCoachella experience featured a fleet of BMWs wrapped in designs created by pop star Khalid. BMW leveraged the power of influencers such as Paris Hilton, Dorothy Wang, and others to document their road trip to Coachella. The campaign included pit stops that held fan giveaways, concerts, food trucks, and other exclusive experiences. 

“Know the audience you want to reach,” analysts wrote. “Speak their cultural language, leverage their cultural currency, and reach them at events that matter most. Was BMW’s creative and very elaborate campaign a success given the number of mentions received? Or was the goal to make a lasting impression and cultivate Millennials and Gen Z as future consumers?”

• Best: #NHLAllStar and #TeamLiquid by Honda (3,500 mentions, 2,881 engaged): Honda started the year on a strong note with sponsorship of the National Hockey League All-Star Game. The event took place in January over the course of a weekend that included a red-carpet show, autograph sessions, and a skills competition. The fanfare led to a flurry of media mentions with the hashtag #NHLAllStar.

That same month, Honda became the official automobile sponsor of Team Liquid, a popular eSports team. News of their partnership with an emerging platform led to an increase in social chatter.

“There’s value to being one of the first brands to reach users on emerging platforms. Early adoption gives creative freedom and helps establish authenticity.”

• #ElonMusk by Tesla (11,200 mentions, 66,800 engaged): Tesla is among a handful of companies in which brand awareness is tied to the actions of its CEO. Tesla’s Elon Musk is best known for SpaceX, market-moving tweets, and rapping about internet-famous gorillas. 

In early 2019, #ElonMusk was one of the most popular hashtags associated with Tesla. In February, the tech billionaire teamed up with YouTube star, PewDiePie to host the popular “Meme Review” segment on his show. Musk teamed up with Justin Roiland, one of the creators of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, to rate memes and share witty commentary. The YouTube video received more than 20 million views, making it one of the most viral posts associated with the Tesla brand.

“Since Tesla doesn’t spend any money on advertising, their CEO’s social media activity is critical to driving awareness for the brand. However, having a ‘loud’ CEO associated with numerous initiatives comes with its pros and cons. Establish guidelines and have a damage control plan in place to avoid problematic situations.”

• #Silverado by Chevrolet (5,100 mentions, 12,300 engaged): Chevrolet saw a spike in social media mentions in January around its campaign featuring the new Silverado pickup. The first surge came from sponsorship of HQ Trivia, the popular app and mobile trivia game, where they raffled a truck. On the same day, Chevrolet aired a television commercial that featured lyrics from the 1970s hit “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ’n’ Roll” by Donnie and Marie Osmond. 

An unexpected tweet and Facebook post from Donnie helped the campaign gain additional momentum and excitement from fans. 

“Timing is everything,” analysts concluded. “If you’re looking to make a splash, be strategic about the timing of your campaign. The release of Chevy’s commercial combined with the HQ sponsorship helped create a centralized social media moment for Silverado.”

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