DRAPER, Utah – Dealertrack DMS, a provider of cloud-based technology solutions for car dealerships, will unveil a series of new, fully integrated and user-friendly technology solutions and services at the upcoming National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention in Las Vegas on Feb. 14-17.

“While dealers today have access to more information and technology than ever before, the need to toggle between multiple, stand-alone solutions has made obtaining the insight they need to manage and grow their business a significant challenge."

As thousands of dealers assemble for the show, they each share a common goal – to gain new perspectives for cutting complexity across their business and learn about best practices in creating operational excellence to win at retail – and Dealertrack DMS is delivering an answer. Building on its longstanding commitment to put dealers at the center of every business decision and innovation, Dealertrack DMS’ new solutions have been crafted to streamline and centralize some of the most vital and time-intensive aspects of a dealership’s day-to-day operation, from payroll and human resources (HR) to reporting and managed network services.

“While dealers today have access to more information and technology than ever before, the need to toggle between multiple, stand-alone solutions has made obtaining the insight they need to manage and grow their business a significant challenge,” said Mandi Fang, vice president and general manager of Dealertrack DMS. “By bringing more capabilities and processes under one ‘roof,’ Dealertrack DMS gives dealers the integration and simplicity they need to turn data into a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing automotive retail environment.”

Helping provide dealers with the information and processes paramount to competing today, Dealertrack DMS enhancements include:

  • DMS Critical Analytics: As the amount of data across software tools continues to increase, managing a dealership is only becoming more challenging and competitive. However, dealership reporting tools, instead of helping, have often created a bigger burden for dealers, requiring significant time, money and customization to implement and maintain on a daily basis. To address these pain points, Dealertrack DMS is slated to feature a brand-new reporting solution at NADA this year – Critical Analytics. Eliminating unnecessary complexity and custom report building, the flexible, performance-based tool is integrated directly into Dealertrack DMS and helps managers stay focused on the data that is most important to their position.  With detailed dashboards and reporting modules organized by dealership position and department, dealers can easily filter and group information, track progress against prior-year performance, and prioritize activities that drive the most valuable KPI’s. Additionally, dealers can now automate general ledger account mapping and report information across multiple departments and stores, erasing the need to manually aggregate data through spreadsheets or leverage an additional third-party provider. 
  • Integrated Payroll and HR Solution: Dealertrack DMS and Hireology are joining forces through an exclusive new partnership to bring dealers a new payroll and HR solution unlike any other in the market today. The new platform, powered by Netchex, is fully integrated with Dealertrack DMS, and enables dealers to streamline their payroll processing, while also now managing all of their HR functions, from employee paid time off to benefits administration and talent management, in one place. While processing payroll has traditionally been handled through the DMS, dealers have often been required to manage all other HR functions either manually or through separate, non-integrated solutions, resulting in redundant and inefficient processes that can cost time and money and frustrate staff.  As employee turnover continues to be a significant pain point for dealerships – 20% of dealership staff are likely to look for another job in the next six months, according to Cox Automotive’s 2019 Dealership Staffing Study – having one integrated HR system of record will be critical to solving for the extraneous and error-prone processes that have been holding dealers back and taking attention away from engaging the people who make the business run every day. 
  • Dealertrack DMS Managed Network Services Powered by Proton:It is essential in today’s business world that dealers have a fast and reliable network setup that is both secure and robust enough to handle the substantial technology demands of a dealership, including the DMS. Dealertrack DMS Managed Network Services powered by Proton provides dealers with unlimited 24/7 access to support and expertise in complex IT solutions and cyber security with all the capabilities of an in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost.

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