Training also includes instruction on helping customers understand key differences between EVs and ICE vehicles. - IMAGE: Pexels/Negative Space

Training also includes instruction on helping customers understand key differences between EVs and ICE vehicles.

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Assurant, Inc., a global business services company that supports, protects and connects major consumer purchases, including automobiles, has introduced a comprehensive electric-vehicle sales training course, EV Sales Professional's Blueprint, from the Automotive Training Academy by Assurant.

The training addresses fundamental differences between EVs and traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and gives sales professionals tools to grow their sales expertise ahead of the coming wave of EVs.

The training course covers a wide range of topics that today’s retail sales professionals will need, not only to sell EVs successfully, but to counsel customers about key differences between EVs and ICE vehicles as they consider embracing the EV lifestyle. General course topics include: 

  • The Consumer Shift to EVs – with nearly 45% of buyers open to buying an EV
  •  EV Basics: What are BEVs, HEVs and PHEVs? How do they differ?
  •  Affordability: understanding fuel and maintenance costs of EVs
  •  EV Charging Levels: What’s best for each situation – Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3?
  •  Range and Batteries: understanding and maximizing range, optimizing battery charging

“While there are many similarities between selling EVs and ICE vehicles, the most pronounced difference is communication between the customer and sales associate. The ownership experience is very different, making this EV-specific sales training program an essential tool for teaching how to properly consult the EV customer,” said Sean Browning, national vice president, Assurant Dealer Services Development & Training. “Automotive retail has ideally involved advising as well as selling; understanding the needs of the EV buyer brings the dealer’s role as counselor to an entirely new level.”

After completing the course, retail sales professionals will be able to:

  •   Define the various types of electric vehicles
  •   Identify ownership aspects of EVs, including affordability, charging levels, range and batteries
  •   Communicate effectively with EV customers
  •   Address concerns of the EV customer
  •   Provide an effective ownership experience
  •   Demonstrate the benefits of an EV
  •   Demonstrate presentation skills to maximize EV profit opportunities

Browning added, “Just as early adopter EV shoppers will have a better buying experience when they are well-informed, retail sales professionals who learn about and embrace the new technology and paradigm shifts in selling EVs will set themselves up for success by being able to effectively counsel their customers.” 

The Automotive Training Academy by Assurant provides comprehensive training for automotive professionals in all areas of the dealership. Through a combination of flexible training options that include in-dealership, in-classroom and virtual learning platforms, professionals gain knowledge and tools needed to succeed in today’s automotive market. A team of experienced retail automotive trainers delivers hands-on, realistic training that leads to mastery of the course material so that new techniques and processes can be immediately implemented upon return to the dealership.  

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